ATMs and Digital Signage

Are ATMs, digital signage a good fit? Are ATMs and digital signage a good fit? How can they work together to deliver an omnichannel experience? In order to craft an omnichannel experience, you have to consider multiple types of solutions, such as ATMs, kiosks, digital signage, apps and others and whether they will work for […]


Life Missed COVID-19

We’re Nearing a Return to Life with Others in Places We’ve Missed Since COVID-19 People are showing more willingness to go to movie theaters, restaurants and other venues where AV integrators can lend a tech-based hand. I’ve mentioned my die-hard addiction to the Boston Red Sox several times in my 10-plus years at CI, so those who’ve read […]


McDonald’s Digital Signage

McDonald’s makes upselling simple with digital signage Getting customers to try new items at restaurants can be a challenge, as some might either be hesitant or they simply don’t see the appeal of the item at that particular QSR. One McDonald’s I visited recently found a simple and effective way to push a new item […]


Reimagining digital signage

Reimagining digital signage A live webinar entitled “Digital Signage Reimagined,” hosted by Digital Signage Today and sponsored by Intel addressed how digital signage has evolved and how companies are reimagining the technology. Digital signage has consistently evolved over the years. It is no longer a static device that loops content or even a standalone display. […]

Retail Digital Signage

Digital signage is the future of retail because it blurs the border between off and online. It crafts a ‘phygital’ environment that can collect inputs from customers visiting a physical establishment, analyze them, process them, and display the most appropriate messages, at the most appropriate time, to the corresponding audience.