Creating memorable experiences with AR, VR and digital signage

Explore the exciting mix of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Digital Signage. As AR and VR integrate with digital signage platforms, they revolutionize information delivery and user experiences. This union extends beyond entertainment, impacting various industries. With solutions like MagicINFO, harnessing this synergy has never been easier. Join us and learn how AR, VR […]

Interactive retail stores create stand-out customer experiences

When shoppers enter brick-and-mortar stores, they expect their in-store interactions to be more fulfilling than online shopping. Stores that use interactive retail displays can upgrade the consumer experience, allowing customers to enjoy an engaging, interactive shopping experience. New digital innovation options not only meet the evolving needs of today’s shoppers but also encourage them to make larger […]

Top 7 benefits of using MagicINFO for large rollouts

Digital signage networks have become increasingly popular for large-scale deployments, enabling companies and organizations to efficiently deliver captivating content across multiple locations. However, managing and deploying these networks can pose significant challenges. This is where MagicINFO comes into play as a comprehensive solution that can streamline the process. In this article, we’ll explore the top 7 […]

70M Workers Want Flexible Work. Will Your CMS Deliver it?

By implementing the right content management system (CMS), integrators can help enterprises enhance their employees’ experiences. The modern workplace as we know it is still in its infancy. It’s changing each day — evolving with innovation and adapting to fluctuations. Yet, expectations are at an all-time high. Today’s talent pool is ultra-selective about where it […]

Mastering Preset Management

Do you have a digital signage installation consisting of Samsung displays? Are you using MagicINFO as your CMS? One of the common issues we see with our customers is that they’re not always aware of the possibilities of MagicINFO. That is why we started the MagicINFO Explained blog series, where each month we take a […]

Wayfinding kiosks on a roll: How to cash in

Wayfinding kiosks on a roll: How to cash in

A panel during the Self-Service Innovation Summit drilled down on the benefits of wayfinding kiosks and what to consider when planning these interactive devices. Wayfinding kiosks have emerged as a popular tool to guide people — both residents and visitors — about local businesses and attractions in public spaces. The benefits of wayfinding kiosks, along […]

AI, 3D avatars revolutionize customer service, drive-thru

AI, 3D avatars revolutionize customer service, drive-thru

AI-powered chat and 3D avatars are revolutionizing retail environments, designed to enhance customer experience while freeing frontline workers for more engaging work and reducing costs for operators in various industries and verticals. AI, 3D avatars revolutionize customer service, drive-thru : Transforming Malls into Destinations. Earlier this year, American Dream, the New Jersey-located retail and entertainment […]


Customer Self Order & Digital Messaging

Complete case study on the positive impact that customer ordering kiosks provide to a relatively small retail shop. Ordering and digital messaging signage. Customer Self Order & Digital Messaging. Most of us like to think in terms of 14,000 kiosks at Mcdonald’s and relegate small businesses to the footnotes.  It’s a challenge aggregating literally tens […]

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