Holt Renfrew, a leading fashion and lifestyle retailer, joined forces with Samsung Canada to create an impressive digital facade at its Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This innovative digital signage solution in one of Toronto’s premier shopping destinations provides a visually striking entrance that welcomes customers into the retail space.

The floor-to-ceiling digital displays reach 28 feet and showcase the latest seasonal offerings with crystal-clear precision, static visuals and engaging videos. The seamless two-part display commands shopper attention and uses Samsung’s IEA series LED displays that are versatile, cost-efficient, and deliver true-to-life picture presentation.

The new digital façade features uninterrupted floor-to-ceiling digital displays that soar to 28 feet. This allows Holt Renfrew to prominently showcase its latest seasonal offerings with crystal-clear precision, static visuals, and engaging videos, creating a unique retail experience that stands out.

James Arndt, Head of the Enterprise Business Division at Samsung Electronics Canada, emphasized, “The importance of designing an exciting in-store shopping experience that encourages customers to engage with a brand has become mission critical for several of our partners.

“Working with the team at Holt Renfrew, we designed a custom digital display solution that delivers a memorable shopping moment for visitors,” said Arndt.

Previously, Holt Renfrew Yorkdale had a deteriorating digital display consisting of three individual strips of LED screens on both sides of the entryway. To overcome this challenge, they chose to partner with Samsung Canada, a trusted brand in digital signage.

The solution was integrated by Technology Solutions International (TSI) and constructed and installed by GAV MNGT. This transformed the former façade into a sprawling and seamless two-part digital display that flanks the entrance, seamlessly commanding shopper attention against the store’s elegant and modern architecture.

Holt Renfrew opted for Samsung’s IEA series LED displays due to their versatility and cost-efficiency. These displays can be custom fit for a space, offering a larger, lighter screen that reduces installation costs. Furthermore, the LED HDR technology ensures true-to-life picture presentation, maintaining accurate colour expression even at peak brightness levels or in dimly lit indoor environments.

As display technology evolves, retailers with outdated signage may need to reconsider how they captivate their audience and meet their business needs. With Samsung’s latest display technology redefining the customer experience, innovation and the future of retail are intrinsically linked. Showcasing the brand’s mission or the latest information on sales and loyalty programs in vibrant colours can help retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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