4 Emerging Trends in CMS and Cloud-Based Digital Signage

Using cloud-based digital signage has many benefits, including the opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence. Check out these 4 major emerging trends in CMS and cloud-based digital signage! Nowadays, people expect both online and in-person experiences to be seamlessly linked. Omnichannel experiences are driving behaviors that motivate, inspire, and prompt action. So, it’s no surprise that […]

The Future of Digital Signage at Large Events

In the last year, event organizers have been focusing on additional ways to integrate digital signage to control crowds and increase personalization for attendees at larger venues. Now, with many industries focusing on technological trends like AI, smart system connectivity, and sustainability, event organizers have even more promising developments to look forward to. Here’s what […]

How digital signage breaks down corporate silos

Digital signage provides 6 powerful tools to break down corporate silos, according to this piece by Debbie Wilson-DeWitt, marketing and communications manager at Visix, Inc. In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective communication is critical to success. Communication is what allows companies to share information, collaborate on projects and respond to customer needs. However, when corporate […]

Data-driven technologies continue to underpin digital signage trends in 2024

2024 promises to be the year of data-driven technologies. The integration of these data-driven strategies will drive the future of digital signage, signifying a strategic shift towards utilizing data-driven insights for creating highly personalized campaigns. By embracing these insights, digital signage transcends its conventional role of displaying imagery and content, transforming into an adaptive platform […]

Digital Signage’s Impact in the Automotive Industry

The introduction of digital signage as a marketing medium represents a seismic shift away from traditional marketing techniques and is undoubtedly helping build better brand loyalty and awareness. In the highly competitive global market, businesses must not only meet but also surpass customer expectations to become renowned brands. Prioritising an exceptional customer experience is crucial for companies […]

Transforming Public Transport: The Essential Guide to Digital Signage Solutions

Transportation digital signage is an invaluable asset that can tailor content to suit the diverse needs of every audience. It is revolutionising public transit infrastructure. With a staggering 90% of information processed by the brain being visual, the integration of digital signage technology in buses, trams and train stations significantly boosts the retention of pertinent […]

The Digital Signage Hardware Buyers Guide

When choosing your digital signage, the sheer volume of hardware options can be overwhelming. The variety of LED or projection displays, combined with the variety of player options (system on a chip and cloud-based or media players?) can make it hard to select the right digital signage hardware for your job. Step 1: choosing your display type […]

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Automotive Digital Signage – How to Improve Customer Engagement & Boost Sales

Turning a car dealership into a customer magnet might seem impossible, but digital signage proves otherwise. This technology is a game-changer, transforming traditional sales floors into interactive spaces where the newest vehicles and offers shine. We shall now delve into how digital signage is reshaping the car buying experience, making visits to the dealership both […]

Unlock the Power of Digital Signage in Government: A Beginner’s Guide

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, the public sector increasingly turns to innovative ways to enhance its operations and services. The emergence of government digital signage as a standout solution offers a dynamic means of communication. It completely transforms service delivery, enhances citizen engagement, and facilitates better overall interaction with the public. A […]

Empowering Government Agencies with Digital Signage: Streamline Communication and Service Delivery

Worldwide, the public sector has a huge cadre of the working population across different countries, with millions involved in local and regional positions and national government jobs. These numerous employees and even more citizens who use public services draw more attention to the importance of good communication. In this regard, digital signage is a major […]