Samsung Interactive Displays Helps Transform Classrooms

By installing Samsung Interactive Displays in the classrooms, educators can easily collaborate and engage with remote and in-person students across the campus. Ridgefield Park, N.J.-headquartered Samsung Electronics America, Ltd., is helping Stevens Institute of Technology transform the classroom experience through interactive displays that streamline hybrid learning for students near and far. Samsung Interactive Displays enable educators to […]

Digital signage future is sustainable, accessible, metaverse-powered

Digital signage future is sustainable, accessible, metaverse-powered

Michelle Montazeri discusses how digital signage is evolving away from mere screens on walls thanks to mobile interactivity and the metaverse, where platforms and influencers wield powerful influence. Customers press for sustainability and accessibility. In the end, success comes from connecting with consumers on a human level. Michelle Montazeri manages digital signage at Legrand, where […]

Digital signage transforms healthcare lobbies

Typically, healthcare facilities are not known for being particularly enthralling places. In fact, they are often quite stressful and don’t clearly communicate their brand values. One global healthcare provider and Medicaid managed care organization: Centene wanted to change that by updating its lobby with digital signage. Typically, healthcare facilities are not known for being particularly […]

What Audio Devices Work Best For A Microsoft Teams Hybrid Meeting?

For integrators branching into live events, here are 5 key technology areas to address. Providing technical support for a conference is an important responsibility that ensures maximum audience immersion and fault-free technical functionality. However, each event is different and the choice of venue, as well as the itinerary of the conference, will determine what equipment […]

The best customer experience

Indiana Pacers trust data to deliver best customer experience Attending NBA games in the 21st Century is more than simply watching professional basketball. It’s about which team can offer the best fan experience. For the Indiana Pacers, it boils down to one clear directive: trust the data to offer top-notch fan engagement. Taylor Bloom, associate […]

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