The best video conferencing systems for meeting rooms

Business communication has grown over the last decade, and at the heart of this transformation are video conferencing systems. These tools allow teams/people around the world to connect and collaborate effectively, eliminating the barriers of time and distance. At Laia, we specialise in delivering audiovisual solutions that transform the way businesses communicate and collaborate. Our comprehensive range […]

Leveraging AV Systems for Enhanced Collaboration and Communication in the Workplace

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected business landscape, effective collaboration and communication are paramount for organizations to thrive. Audiovisual (AV) systems have emerged as powerful tools that can revolutionize workplace dynamics by enhancing collaboration and communication. These systems combine audio and visual technologies to create immersive and engaging environments that facilitate seamless information exchange among team […]

Empowering Government Agencies with Digital Signage: Streamline Communication and Service Delivery

Worldwide, the public sector has a huge cadre of the working population across different countries, with millions involved in local and regional positions and national government jobs. These numerous employees and even more citizens who use public services draw more attention to the importance of good communication. In this regard, digital signage is a major […]

8 Emerging Conferencing Technology Trends for 2024

Despite recent evidence of “Zoom” fatigue, video conferencing has become essential for businesses and individuals to connect and collaborate. As this technology advances, new trends in video conferencing systems birth innovative features and capabilities to enhance the overall meeting experience. From integration with artificial intelligence to improved cross-platform compatibility and the rise of immersive virtual reality […]

The Top 8 Banking Digital Signage Integrations for a Customer-Centric Experience

The adoption of banking digital signage has emerged as a revitalizing force in retail banking, reshaping customer interactions and communication strategies. Banking digital signage displays are not just about presenting information; they’re strategic tools that redefine the way financial institutions engage with their clientele and build brand loyalty.  Beyond mere visual appeal, the utility of these digital […]

How MicroLED is transforming control room technology

How MicroLED is transforming control room technology? Over the past several years, control rooms — the epicenter of situational awareness and decision making — have become more important than ever, especially in mission-critical situations. Today’s control rooms must be technology-forward and able to ingest, visualize, and analyze massive amounts of data. Because of their critical […]

70M Workers Want Flexible Work. Will Your CMS Deliver it?

By implementing the right content management system (CMS), integrators can help enterprises enhance their employees’ experiences. The modern workplace as we know it is still in its infancy. It’s changing each day — evolving with innovation and adapting to fluctuations. Yet, expectations are at an all-time high. Today’s talent pool is ultra-selective about where it […]

Strategies for Successful Hybrid Meetings

Strategies for Successful Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings are the new normal. Here are four tips to make yours successful. In the post-pandemic world, hybrid work is now the norm. As a result, companies are having to adapt to new ways of working and managing remote teams. They’ve had to invest in the latest technologies to facilitate virtual meetings and make […]


Five Predictions for the Future of the Office

There are multiple ways companies will have to redesign their workspaces to adapt to what the office will look like in the future. Following the pandemic, organizations are going to have to reimage what the future of the office will look like. Forbes detailed predictions for what our office spaces could look like in the future: Related: […]


How to use IoT devices to boost customer experience

The Internet of Things and edge computing have a wide array of applications that can improve the customer experience, and digital signage vendors are beginning to tap into its potential. During a webinar on Digital Signage Today, panelists discussed a few ways these IoT devices can help deliver a better experience. The Internet of Things […]