Employees Back to the Office

Help Businesses Bring Employees Back to the Office As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving work landscape, the hybrid office model is becoming more and more pervasive. In Commercial Integrator’s recent Hybrid Work Deep Dive Survey, it was found that 45.3% of integrator respondents said they have customers that plan to have employees work remotely […]


Future of the Office

Five Predictions for the Future of the Office There are multiple ways companies will have to redesign their workspaces to adapt to what the office will look like in the future. Following the pandemic, organizations are going to have to reimage what the future of the office will look like. Forbes detailed predictions for what our office […]


Hybrid Workspaces

6 ways hybrid workspaces are changing communications With the hybrid workplace becoming the norm, it’s more important than ever to have an effective and engaging communications strategy. Here are some of the major ways that the hybrid workplace is affecting internal communications in the near future. With the hybrid workplace becoming the norm, it’s more […]


Cloud Managed Platform

The Benefits of a Cloud Managed Platform Remote management through cloud managed platforms can help integrators save time and money while increasing efficiency and client satisfaction in their business. Supporting clients has become increasingly complex and time consuming, as integrators focus on more comprehensive technical solutions for their clients. As integrators have keenly begun to […]


Back to Work Strategy

Helping Customers Build Solutions for Their Specific Back to Work Strategy Customers are returning to the office, but with new options for remote, in-person, or hybrid work environments no two solutions integrators provide will be the same. The past year has been difficult for everyone. Challenges like remote work and learning arose for the first […]


IoT Devices Boost Customer Experience

How to use IoT devices to boost customer experience The Internet of Things and edge computing have a wide array of applications that can improve the customer experience, and digital signage vendors are beginning to tap into its potential. During a webinar on Digital Signage Today, panelists discussed a few ways these devices can help […]