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    LED Lighting

    Low voltage LED lighting solutions deliver the ability to create immersive and experiential space in commercial, hospitality and residential applications. Lighting is now a digital component that offers unlimited flexibility to transition space using white and RGBW light sources. Corporate branding, building illumination, lighting in meeting and presentation spaces, and customer experience applications are just the beginning of how better lighting delivers better, healthier more productive environments.

    LED lighting building illumination

    Building Illumination

    LED lighting effect LED

    Effect LED

    LED lighting meeting room

    Meeting Room

    LED lighting interactive gym



    Focus & Features

    GAV MGMT is here to support and provide insight for most current and effective solutions for LED lighting available on the market today. Our goal is to provide our clients with solutions that allows their chosen investment in LED Lighting technologies to be optimized for maximal potential of return.

    Tunable Light Control
    Building Illumination Solution

    Projects in the field