Can GAV provide my company with installation and support services across Canada?

Yes, with 1000’s of installations across Canada, GAV MGMT’s team of professionals can meet any installation and support requirement anywhere across the country.

Does GAV MGMT offer 24/7 support?

Yes, GAV offers tailored service offerings that meet all levels of service requirements.

Our growing company has many communication and presentation needs, where do I start?

One of GAV’s technology specialists will be pleased to meet with you, listen and clearly understand your requirements to subsequently present options that will meet your objectives and budgetary considerations.

What’s better … projection or displays?

There’s a wide range of considerations in answering that question. Image size requirements, size of audience, how many hours per day will it be used, lighting conditions and other factors will be considered in recommending the appropriate solution for your organization.

Does GAV MGMT only do large scale projects as presented on your website?

Absolutely not, while GAV has the skills, competencies and reputation of deploying such projects, our teams deliver projects of all sizes and scope on a daily basis. No project is too small, we value all customers and opportunities.


Are you hiring?

GAV is constantly searching for talented individuals. We recommend you visit our website for postings or contact us at:

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