Top 10 Ways to Use Digital Signage in a Hospital

Create a digital canvas across your hospital

Create digital signage in hospital. Enhance patient, staff, and visitor experience with solutions created on digital content management platforms like Omnivex. From informational screens featuring wait times, news and information to wayfinding screens or behind-the-scenes monitoring and operations screens, there’s no limit to what you can create to help manage every aspect of your hospital.

Reducing the stress associated with a hospital visit is essential for patients, staff or visitors. Effective visual communications go a long way in ensuring a positive environment.

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Parking and Exterior Signage

Digital parking signs integrated with IoT sensors can help patients and visitors navigate parking. In addition, use external digital signage to highlight fundraising campaigns and important community information.

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Welcome Screens

Digital signage in lobbies and public areas is crucial to creating a welcoming environment. Highlight popular areas (like diagnostic imaging or cafeterias), recent achievements, upcoming clinics or programs and more.

Wayfinding Screens

Integrate wayfinding on your general information screens by highlighting popular departments or service locations. Set up interactive wayfinding kiosks around the facility to make navigation easier and reduce stress.

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Donor Walls

Highlight the individuals and organizations that have contributed to an organization’s success. For example, run a real-time fundraising campaign highlighting progress towards your goal and showing a live list of donors.

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Employee Communications Screens

Ensure doctors, nurses, and all hospital staff can access the critical real-time information they need to do their job. Eliminate whiteboards and paper schedules with a digital schedule screen and KPI dashboard.

Digital GEMBA Boards

Use an interactive digital Gemba Board to quickly and easily share goals, measurements and performance as well as enabling staff to submit ideas and see the status of their recommendations.

Digital Menu Boards

Easily share nutritional information on your digital menu boards and meet government compliance regulations. Create dynamic menus that rotate through nutritional information, pricing, and options.

Emergency Notifications

Integrating digital signage with your audio alarms allows you to share crucial supplemental information. For example, highlight the type and location of emergencies and provide visual directions and cues.

Wait Time Screens

Use digital signage to share real-time updates on wait times. Protect patient privacy by using a code assigned at arrival/check-in. Additionally, localize wait times to screens in a specific area or department.

wait time screen in hospital
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Patient Room Screens

Digital screens outside patient rooms provide a way to communicate important information about the patient before entering. Use text or icons to highlight essential information such as allergies or language.

From welcome screens and wayfinding to emergency notifications and everything in-between, effective visual communications ensure patients, staff, and visitors have a positive experience in your facility.

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