The Digital Signage Hardware Buyers Guide

When choosing your digital signage, the sheer volume of hardware options can be overwhelming. The variety of LED or projection displays, combined with the variety of player options (system on a chip and cloud-based or media players?) can make it hard to select the right digital signage hardware for your job. Step 1: choosing your display type […]

Google, Advantech webinar explains dual hardware-software approach to digital signage

Hardware or software? Player machines or SoC/Cloud? Digital signage and professional AV operators know these long-standing debates well, but what if the answer was some combination of “both/and?” Google and Advantech representatives joined Digital Signage Today editor Daniel Brown for a webinar to discuss “The perfect duo: GoogleOS & Advantech’s digital signage players revolutionizing the […]

The future of digital signage is bright

The future of digital signage is bright

“It’s just a world of possibilities out there” — the future of digital signage is bright Zuzana Yalcin joined Digital Signage Today via Zoom to discuss digital signage and its intersection with marketing, technology and values, offering a holistic view. This perspective is informed by her work at easescreen, where in less than a year […]


Powering down your digital signage

Powering down your digital signage. With energy costs rising at 30% year over year, businesses are increasingly concerned about reducing consumption. Digital signage is way below heating, lighting and air conditioning in terms of energy consumption in most offices and retail outlets. Nevertheless, the displays are very visible, and the amount of energy they use […]


How to use IoT devices to boost customer experience

The Internet of Things and edge computing have a wide array of applications that can improve the customer experience, and digital signage vendors are beginning to tap into its potential. During a webinar on Digital Signage Today, panelists discussed a few ways these IoT devices can help deliver a better experience. The Internet of Things […]