What to Consider When Providing Technical Support for a Conference : For integrators branching into live events, here are 5 key technology areas to address.

Providing technical support for a conference is an important responsibility that ensures maximum audience immersion and fault-free technical functionality. However, each event is different and the choice of venue, as well as the itinerary of the conference, will determine what equipment is needed. Here are some areas that should be addressed to elevate a conference to a sleek, engaging and professional event.

LED screens or videowalls

A good screen setup is essential for everyone in attendance at the conference to see your speakers, debates and presentations clearly. It will be hard for your audience to fully engage with the event if they cannot see it. Not only do screens allow the people at the back to see the action on stage, but they also allow you to show slides and visual aids.

Using LED screens or videowalls enables the best possible display and can be used indoors or outdoors as required. Other types of screens do not function as well in outdoor settings, but choosing an LED screen means you can have crisp, clear and bright images wherever your event is held.


Seamless sound without any background noise or issues is essential in the smooth running of a conference because you want your audience to be fully immersed in the event without distraction. For a successful conference, full live sound support is needed, including planning to overcome any challenges that the venue space may have in terms of acoustics and seating.

The sound equipment you will need for a conference will completely depend on the size and capacity of the venue, but as a general rule, the required equipment will include high-end digital sound desks, top-quality speakers and wireless microphones.

If you have a panel, Q&A, interview or debate, it is a good idea to use press-to-talk microphones where each delegate has one and can engage in discussions but unnecessary noise is eliminated.


When providing technical support for a conference, a full lighting setup is essential. This ensures the conference looks completely professional and also that attention is drawn where it needs to be, providing an immersive experience for the audience.

As with the sound system, the correct lighting setup for an event will depend on the size and capacity of the venue, as well as the types of presentations, interviews or debates that will be taking place.

This might include profile lanterns to ensure that your presenters are seen right to the back of the room and colored lights at the rear of the stage to highlight your set or branding. If you plan to hold an awards ceremony or want to get your delegates pumped for the day head, dynamic and eye-catching lighting works well.

Videography and livestreaming

If the conference you are supporting is a hybrid event and it needs to be livestreamed, or if you need to capture footage from the conference to make it available for viewers on demand, then you will also need to ensure you have professional filming equipment (both video and sound) as well as experienced operators to capture every moment.

If the event is being livestreamed, you will also need to have the recording equipment connected to a laptop with a strong, stable internet connection and the appropriate software.


Your event may also require a custom stage set, as well as the necessary accessories, to ensure that your speakers at the conferences have the appropriate platform to address your audience. Having a professional stage set puts speakers and presenters in the best physical position to be seen and heard by the audience. It also allows you to better orientate the room’s seating, lighting and sound for maximum effect.

Providing technical support for a conference should be about drawing focus to the speakers and presenters on stage while also ensuring audience participation, where encouraged, is seamless.

To do this, you need to examine and understand the venue as well as the itinerary for the conference so that you can make the most informed choices when it comes to selecting the equipment you will use.

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