3 ways digital signage can improve banks

Digital signage can help transform bank branches into spaces that draw in customers.

Banks have consistently made efforts to make branches leaner and more effective as consumers continue to perform traditional banking online and go to branches for financial guidance.

Banks have responded to this change in a number of ways, such as hiring on universal bank tellers or redesigning the branches to appear more open and relaxing than a traditional branch. Some of these efforts include simple things such as coffee bar areas, more couches and less confined teller areas.

One strategy that can also help with the transformation is digital signage.

Digital signage is a display that delivers content on a loop (or for more advanced deployments, trigger-based content based on time of day, weather, consumer data or other information). For banks in particular, digital signange offers three specific tools.

Deliver the bank’s brand message

First the displays can communicate the bank’s brand in a clear concise way. Does your bank focus on the underserved? The display can present that front and center with content that shows the bank can help anyone, not just the wealthy.

Many consumers don’t have a clear idea of what a particular bank’s brand even is, so digital signage presents a unique opportunity to get that message across. A local community bank for example, can put up information on local events to showcase that this bank is connected to the community.

The display can also work together with the bank’s other communication tools. For example, banks can integrate widgets into the display’s content management system to display the bank’s social media feed so customers can get a feel for what the brand’s communication style is like.

Guide the customer

Second, digital signage can point a customer in the right direction by providing information on what services the branch offers. It could either provide a list of services and tools, such as ATMs, mortgages, car loans or it could integrate interactive elements.

By giving a display a touchscreen, users can search for where to go in the branch to find the right service they need. Or if the bank uses an appointment system, the customer could schedule an appointment with a banker.

On a more subconscious level, displays can also provide advertisements about credit cards or products that could potentially influence the customer in the future.

Train employees

Lastly, digital signage isn’t just for customers as it can help employees as well. In employee areas, displays can provide information on key issues, such as how to answer specific questions or how to handle stressful situations.

The displays can also double as a way to celebrate employees, by drawing attention to working anniversaries, employees of the month or employee appreciation events.

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