Empowering Government Agencies with Digital Signage: Streamline Communication and Service Delivery

Worldwide, the public sector has a huge cadre of the working population across different countries, with millions involved in local and regional positions and national government jobs. These numerous employees and even more citizens who use public services draw more attention to the importance of good communication. In this regard, digital signage is a major […]

Harnessing the Power of Digital Signage: Transform Your Retail Experience

As you all know, retail is a highly dynamic and challenging environment. Which is why attention has recently been diverted towards innovative channels that transform brands’ strategies to interact with consumers in a physical shopping environment. This prime focus aims to reach customers in unique ways and create different experiences within brick and mortar, away from the perfect world […]

Why every modern airport and transportation hub uses digital signage and touchscreens

Digital signage, touchscreen, and mobile technology is already prevalent across airports and transportation hubs, and the digital transformation of transportation will only accelerate from here, writes Tyler Wells, ISV and strategic accounts partner manager, Americas, at MicroTouch. The transportation sector is transforming digitally. The next time you’re in a newly renovated airport, train station, or […]

The Top 8 Banking Digital Signage Integrations for a Customer-Centric Experience

The adoption of banking digital signage has emerged as a revitalizing force in retail banking, reshaping customer interactions and communication strategies. Banking digital signage displays are not just about presenting information; they’re strategic tools that redefine the way financial institutions engage with their clientele and build brand loyalty.  Beyond mere visual appeal, the utility of these digital […]

How to increase accessibility with universal design for digital signage

In the United States, one in four adults — 61 million people — have a disability impacting various aspects of their daily lives. As technology advances, designing accessible systems is central to mass communications. As one of the core channels delivering visual communications, business leaders should prioritize accessibility in digital signage. This can be achieved through using […]

Digital signage at event venues

This article explores the transformative role of digital signage in the event industry. From enhancing audience engagement to streamlining operations, it is a vital technology in today’s live events. Read until the end and learn about the types of digital signage at event venues and their unique features and advantages. Digital signage and the event industry Before […]

Wayfinding kiosks on a roll: How to cash in

Wayfinding kiosks on a roll: How to cash in

A panel during the Self-Service Innovation Summit drilled down on the benefits of wayfinding kiosks and what to consider when planning these interactive devices. Wayfinding kiosks have emerged as a popular tool to guide people — both residents and visitors — about local businesses and attractions in public spaces. The benefits of wayfinding kiosks, along […]