Top 7 Digital Signage Trends in 2024

As 2023 ends and 2024 quickly approaches, some exciting digital signage trends are emerging. Here are the expected top 7 digital signage trends in 2024: Businesses are now leveraging digital signage to create more interactive experiences. For example, it is becoming more common to see social media feeds integrated into digital signage solutions. Customers can […]

Introducing ASKA3D Holographic Display

The basic princple of a special optical plate called ASKA3D-plate, which can display the image in mid-air. The holographic images you see are not VR images or optical illusions.They are actual videos and objects projected in midair.You can even use a magnifying glass to enlarge them.Moreover, this technology does not use the focus technique,which allows […]

Calculating the ROI of outdoor LED

Calculating the ROI of outdoor LED : From vibrant downtown centers and lavish resorts to local retailers, a digital message center is one of the most effective marketing tools a business can invest in. According to BTS Consultants, outdoor signage gets 400 percent more attention from passersby than static displays, and businesses that implement outdoor displays […]

Digital signage innovation beats the Vegas heat

The Las Vegas Convention Center buzzed with innovation activity last week at a level not seen since 2018 as the North and West Halls filled with digital signage and audiovisual exhibits, education sessions and networking at InfoComm. Summer might not be the ideal time to visit Las Vegas weatherwise, but if audiovisual and digital signage […]


Samsung Display Technology Transforms Salon

Panico Salon leverages Samsung display technology to measure, influence and convert customer behaviors. Customers are beginning to return to brick-and-mortar retail stores after more than a year of social distancing and web purchasing. Embracing this new reality, local businesses are making innovative changes to provide the best in-store digital experience while maintaining the convenience of […]