LG’s newest marine-grade DVLED GNEB series displays offer stunning picture quality for outdoor areas on cruise ships, hotels, resorts.

Lincolnshire, Ill.-based LG Business Solutions USA introduced a new series of outdoor direct-view LED (DVLED) displays specifically designed for installation in the outdoor areas of cruise ships. The GNEB series will enable cruise ship owners and architects to design outdoor entertainment spaces with DVLED displays of virtually any size, displays that can be used 24 hours a day — whether in direct sunlight or under a moonless sky.

“LG’s marine-grade DVLED technology is the ideal outdoor display medium because it can produce bright images and has the contrast necessary for watching videos in direct sunlight. The GNEB is easy to maintain thanks to a module-based construction,” says Jake Benner, director hospitality, cruise & titness at LG Business Solutions USA. “Outdoor areas on cruise ships can now be outfitted with movie-theater sized displays, while providing optimal performance day in and day out regardless of how salty, wet or unpredictable the environment is.”

LG GNEB Series

The GNEB series boasts 6,000 nit maximum brightness, while its marine-grade powder coating and conformal coating protect against salinity and corrosion in marine environments and weather conditions. Both the front and rear of the display are IP67-certified and feature designs to enable stable power and data connections. IP67 is among the highest levels of environmental protection available, according to LG.

LG’s GNEB series displays have a rated lifespan of 100,000 hours to half-brightness. Plus, its ultra-high refresh rate of 7680 Hz enables flicker-free content playback in all conditions. Each display is compatible with the company’s SuperSign, LED Assistant and ConnectedCare tools through an optional LG CVEA system controller, sold separately.

The two models available at launch differ only in pixel size and contrast, with the GNEB062-GN offering a 6.2mm pixel pitch and a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, while the GNEB083-GN provides an 8.3mm pixel pitch and a 7,000:1 contrast ratio. The smaller pixel pitch model is best suited for situations where a higher resolution is desired, the viewer is closer to the display, or the display is relatively small requiring a higher pixel density.

For the largest screens, or areas where passengers view the display from a distance, the 8.3mm model offers a more affordable option that delivers the same features, rugged construction and reliability, says the company.

Each display can be purchased with front or rear access. The power distribution unit can be detached for easy access and maintenance, while the self-contained power supply and receiver card with handles simplify component replacement.

“Whether it’s next to the pool or greeting guests at the loading ramp, LG’s robust outdoor DVLED technology gives cruise operators a chance to deliver large, captivating content that can catch visitors’ eyes from across the deck,” Benner says. “The placement possibilities really are endless, and we are excited to see how designers and owners integrate these powerful displays into their environments to elevate the cruise experience.”

Both models offer a 160-degree horizontal viewing angle, with the 6.2mm model offering a 115-degree vertical viewing angle and the 8.3mm model delivering a 100-degree vertical viewing angle. Both models offer adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 9300K. They feature 16-bit processing and are operable on either 110-volt or 240-volt power systems. The displays can function in temperatures ranging from -22 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, covering virtually every possible cruise, hotel and resort location.

The LG GNEB series will make its official debut at Seatrade Cruise Global 2023 on March 27-30 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. booth #529.

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