How AV Marketers can use Algorithms to their Advantage

From Facebook to LinkedIn to AVIXA’s Xchange, learning more about the algorithms behind these platforms can help to boost your AV marketing content

Let’s take a peek behind the scenes of social media platforms. Backstage, algorithms are doing a lot of the work. They’re at the basis of most social platforms nowadays, helping to sift through data and deliver “relevant” content to billions of social media users and influencers. 

So, you may wonder: what exactly do these algorithms see as “relevant”? It’s great that you’re thinking about this. Becoming more aware of algorithms and how they operate can help AV marketers better promote themselves and their work. 

Increase Engagement on the World’s Largest Social Network

According to this Hootsuite article, the average Facebook Page post sees only around 0.07% engagement. To bump that up, you’ll have to be able to signal the algorithm. As of 2022, the Facebook algorithm uses three main ranking signals: who posted it, the interactions it receives, and the type of content it is (for example, if you most often interact with videos, you’ll see more videos as opposed to pictures). Facebook also gives users opportunities that help them train the algorithm and customize their feed through Favorites and In-feed choices, so make sure to take advantage of those. Posts from Pages that a user has interacted with in the past are usually prioritized. And if you’re looking for new eyeballs, posting Reels is an integral part of your strategy (as well as for Instagram).

Craft Feeds with Twitter Lists    

Many people may not know about this, but Twitter offers an interesting feature called Twitter Lists. These Lists allow you to customize, organize, and prioritize the Tweets you see on tailored feeds by adding people’s accounts to various lists. Smartly crafted feeds can be an excellent tool for social listening. Use Twitter Lists to grow your brand by keeping an eye on the competition and organizing multiple feeds at once. 

Don’t Spam LinkedIn

Advertised as a business and employment-oriented online service, LinkedIn can be so important to your brand. LinkedIn’s algorithm sorts your content into one of these categories: spam, low-quality or high-quality. You may get flagged as spam if you include multiple links in your post, so be wary of that. Don’t tag too many people (no more than five), and remember that specific hashtags (#comment, #like, #follow, etc.) can also flag the system. Once the LinkedIn algorithm has established that you haven’t posted anything incredibly spammy, it’ll push your post out. LinkedIn will push it out even more if there’s a good amount of engagement right away. But if not, LinkedIn won’t bother sharing it further. This all takes place in the first hour after you share a post, which means that the first hour you post it is vital! Also, save outbound links for the comment section.

Make Unique Connections on AVIXA’s Xchange

AVIXA’s Xchange is a unique platform that assists in connecting thought leaders, industry-leading solution providers, and innovative manufacturers with AV solution seekers. If you’d like to bump up engagement on here, it’s recommended that you make connections in the Rooms, and make sure to tag people using their names so they get a chance to see it. To keep up with the latest changes, check out the articles written by the Manager of AVIXA’s Xchange, @Lisa Matthews, CTS.

In Closing

Post, post, post! The more you use your social media platforms, the more intuitive they will become. And, of course, checking out account analytics can help you gain further insight. Every platform uses different algorithms, from Facebook to LinkedIn, and simply thinking about them can help AV marketers better promote themselves. But since algorithms are constantly evolving, marketers must consistently adapt to them, which means experimenting with content and changing marketing strategies every now and then.

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