AV components are no longer technological islands. In most cases, they are connected to each other and to the internet.

There’s no escaping the fact the internet has become all things to all industries, and AV is no exception. AV components are no longer technological islands in home and commercial environments. In most cases, they are connected to each other and to the internet via a network.

In the audiovisual industry, this is called AV/IT convergence, and it offers businesses many advantages. For example, it is now possible to build technology systems to send and receive data, stream media, store information, and provide remote support.

In addition to presenting business challenges, AV/IT convergence also creates infrastructure sharing challenges for IT departments. The question remains, what does it mean for AV design, and what is the path forward for an AV designer or integrator?

Lloyd Ranola, an audiovisual designer, has identified several trends in AV/IT convergence that affect design practices. As these trends accelerate, the audiovisual profession is being transformed in ways that challenge the current methods. Here’s the 411:

Collaborating Across Disciplines is Essential to Systems Design Today

As AV and IT are intertwined, the performance of the audiovisual system is influenced by the telecommunications infrastructure of the space it’s in. Convergent networks offer clients savings and ease of maintenance, but they must have enough bandwidth and be correctly configured to handle both AV and IT traffic securely and efficiently. The same is true of Wi-Fi systems. A holistic design that integrates AV and the network can achieve scalability, flexibility, and beauty.

The Importance of Product-Agnostic Design Has Never Been Greater

A product-agnostic design provides flexibility and longevity. While design consultants in the past may have been more concerned with propriety designs and ramping up their next product iteration, design consultants today should take all necessary steps to create systems that play well with others and survive product obsolescence.

Ongoing Education is Essential to Stay Up-to-Date With Technology

To stay on top of the ever-changing product market, AV/IT designers must continuously learn about the marketplace, design requirements, and emerging technologies. To achieve this, enterprise-wide commitments and a framework for education and research are highly recommended.

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