Microflex Complete Wireless

Microflex Complete Wireless

Microflex® Complete Wireless empowers meeting participants to share ideas and make decisions anywhere. Advanced Shure wireless technology delivers reliable performance in any environment without complicated setup or cable limitations. Handsfree microphone activation provides touchless convenience for free-flowing conversations or choose manual or remote control for formal meetings.

How It Works

Rapid setup brings advanced conference system capabilities to flexible spaces where cables are a non-starter. Capable of blending seamlessly with any location’s aesthetic, Microflex Complete Wireless offers best-in-class audio with Shure wireless reliability for meetings that can’t be tied down. It’s the smart solution for agile discussions

Why It’s Better

Quick setup

Last-minute meetings are a fact of life. With fully automatic setup, an MXCW system can be deployed quickly — even by staff members with minimal training — making it possible to go “from cart to conference” in minutes.

Reliable wireless

RF interference can ruin a meeting with distracting noise and signal dropouts. Microflex Complete Wireless automatically detects and avoids interference to keep the meeting uninterrupted.

Scalable solution

From a 25-person board meeting to a 125-person conference, MXCW is ready for any scenario.

Integrates anywhere

Versatile multi-role conference unit suitable for the boardroom, council chamber, or convention hall.

Quality That’s in The Details

Perfect for formal meetings in rooms with flexible seating

Automatic Frequency Coordination and Interference Detection and Avoidance

One multi-role wireless conference unit works for chairman, delegate, ambient mic, listener and remote caller roles

Color touchscreen for voting, speaker list, and language selection

Integrated NFC ID card reader for participant identification

Choice of handsfree, push-to-talk, or remote microphone control

Two-, Three-, or Five-button voting

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery lasts over 11 hours for all-day meetings

Networked charging station charges ten batteries in four hours

Certified for use with Microsoft Teams and compatible with popular collaboration tools

Audio, PoE power, and control signals connect via Dante/AES67 digital audio networking over a single cable

Shure Audio Encryption keeps meeting content secure between the MXA920 and other Microflex ecosystem devices in the room

LED status bar with configurable colors and brightness

Command strings enable seamless integration with third-party camera and room control systems