Neat. Bar

The power of simple

Our next-generation Neat Bar brings beautifully simple yet powerful audio and video quality to Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized meeting spaces, seamlessly blending in with any interior style. It also comes with our dynamic touch-screen Neat Pad to control your meetings.

Clean and Tidy

Behind its streamlined appearance, the newly refined Neat Bar incorporates a well-crafted arrangement of microphones, speakers, a camera, sensors, a power supply, and processing. It reliably handles all your meeting space needs without the complexity or clutter of running cables across the room.

Built to evolve

Enjoy intuitive meeting experiences via machine learning algorithms that continuously adjust and adapt to a room’s acoustics, noises, and lighting conditions, as well as the number of people in the room, where they are, and what’s happening around them.

Senses the room

To save energyNeat Bar Generation 2 goes into sleep mode when no people are detected and automatically awakes when someone enters the room, primed for a meeting.