Intelligent Video

Bring everyone closer together. Wherever they are.

So much of human communication is non-verbal. Gestures. Facial expressions. Body language. Eye contact. Visual cues essential to keeping hybrid meeting participants fully engaged. As organizations race to add must have video conferencing to meeting spaces of all types and sizes, the Crestron portfolio of intelligent video solutions lets you do it smarter. And better.

Create an equitable meeting experience for everyone.

Crestron intelligent video provides an equally engaging and dynamic experience no matter where you’re working. Remote participants see everyone and every gesture more clearly. In-room participants know that the remote viewers will see the best view of the room automatically. Intelligent video solutions that help everyone engage more fully so they can collaborate more effectively.

Features that know how to engage.

Crestron Intelligent Video solutions help remote participants feel a apart of every meeting with features that track presenters, follows the conversation from speaker to speaker and dynamically captures the best views of the room.

Presenter Tracking

Smoothly follows a presenter as they walk, allowing her/him to move naturally, while also providing a closeup view for remote participants.

Group Framing

Automatically adjusts the camera to pan, tilt, and zoom so everyone in the room is perfectly framed.

Speaker Tracking

Intuitively shows the person speaking and follows the conversation, switching focus as the speaker changes.

Dynamic Composition

Shows more than one view of the meeting space to add context and provide an intelligent, immersive experience.

A solution for every space.

Intelligent Video conferencing is needed in a wider array of spaces and for more applications and use cases than ever before, from hybrid meetings and active learning to town halls and live streaming. Each has its own needs and focus points. Crestron has you – and every space – covered, with the widest portfolio of intelligent cameras available.