Game-Changing APIs for Enterprise Digital Signage

22Miles’ Tomer Mann provides a comprehensive guide to today’s most in-demand digital signage API integrations A key finding of the recent whitepaper, “Maximizing Profits in Digital Signage Projects” is that API integrations are key to winning and executing more profitable digital-signage projects. Integrating digital-signage systems with other enterprise systems allows you to create something unique […]

AI , Best Tools for Optimal Results

In today’s world, artificial intelligence AI is increasingly being used in various fields, including the professional fields. AI is designed to enhance the efficiency of various processes, improve decision-making, and reduce human error. What is the best tools and how to get the best results when using the AI in the engineering and management fields. In the management aspect, AI can be used […]

The Moment Vault at MCO

The Moment Vault at MCO Delivers a 360-Degree, Multi-User Interactive Experience

The Moment Vault installation at Orlando International Airport leveraged breakthrough technologies and AI software to deliver a unique traveler experience. Travelers crossing through Orlando International Airport’s (MCO) newest state-of-the-art South Terminal Complex (Terminal C), are welcomed by The Moment Vault, a compelling immersive multimedia installation powered by interactive technologies. The Moment Vault was designed and […]

AI, 3D avatars revolutionize customer service, drive-thru

AI, 3D avatars revolutionize customer service, drive-thru

AI-powered chat and 3D avatars are revolutionizing retail environments, designed to enhance customer experience while freeing frontline workers for more engaging work and reducing costs for operators in various industries and verticals. AI, 3D avatars revolutionize customer service, drive-thru : Transforming Malls into Destinations. Earlier this year, American Dream, the New Jersey-located retail and entertainment […]

Can Artificial Intelligence be Sentient?

Can Artificial Intelligence be Sentient? : A Google engineer claims a new AI system has attained consciousness. As technologists debate that assertion, the question isn’t if it’s real, but when it will be. Blake Lemoine, an engineer in Google’s Responsible AI team, claimed recently that after interacting hundreds of times with a revolutionary, not yet released AI […]

Five Considerations For Choosing Conferencing Systems

Before investing time and money in conferencing and collaboration software for your company, consider these five points to make that decision easier. Your small business may already have video conferencing software. Maintaining work relationships and staying productive is, after all, essential for remote workers. With the rapid pace of change happening worldwide, organizations are seeking […]