Mastering Preset Management

Do you have a digital signage installation consisting of Samsung displays? Are you using MagicINFO as your CMS? One of the common issues we see with our customers is that they’re not always aware of the possibilities of MagicINFO. That is why we started the MagicINFO Explained blog series, where each month we take a […]

Digital signage at event venues

This article explores the transformative role of digital signage in the event industry. From enhancing audience engagement to streamlining operations, it is a vital technology in today’s live events. Read until the end and learn about the types of digital signage at event venues and their unique features and advantages. Digital signage and the event industry Before […]

Digital signage at museums

In the last decade, we see an increasing number of museums adopting digital signage to create immersive and engaging experiences for visitors. Additionally, institutions use technology to communicate important information like exhibition details and ticket prices. In this piece, we will tell you all about the uses of digital signage at museums. As a bonus, we […]