The best video conferencing systems for meeting rooms

Business communication has grown over the last decade, and at the heart of this transformation are video conferencing systems. These tools allow teams/people around the world to connect and collaborate effectively, eliminating the barriers of time and distance. At Laia, we specialise in delivering audiovisual solutions that transform the way businesses communicate and collaborate. Our comprehensive range […]

Leveraging AV Systems for Enhanced Collaboration and Communication in the Workplace

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected business landscape, effective collaboration and communication are paramount for organizations to thrive. Audiovisual (AV) systems have emerged as powerful tools that can revolutionize workplace dynamics by enhancing collaboration and communication. These systems combine audio and visual technologies to create immersive and engaging environments that facilitate seamless information exchange among team […]

8 Emerging Conferencing Technology Trends for 2024

Despite recent evidence of “Zoom” fatigue, video conferencing has become essential for businesses and individuals to connect and collaborate. As this technology advances, new trends in video conferencing systems birth innovative features and capabilities to enhance the overall meeting experience. From integration with artificial intelligence to improved cross-platform compatibility and the rise of immersive virtual reality […]

Dynamic Meeting Room Signage using Real-Time Data and Machine Learning

Despite advancements in meeting room technology, such as improved audio-visual capabilities and more screens, the fundamental experience of entering a meeting room remains essentially stagnant. AV/IT professionals can position themselves as leaders supporting critical workplace initiatives. When you step into that meeting room, it’s a far cry from an engaging experience. More often than not, […]

Six Reasons to Invest in Wireless Conferencing Technology

Wireless conferencing rooms offer a variety of advantages over wired technology. Here are the top ones! Over the last decade, corporate meetings have evolved significantly, primarily due to innovative and cutting-edge technologies. Meeting rooms have progressed from old projectors with tangled cords to seamless solutions. The modern meeting room is now more efficient and productive, […]

A Big Factor Impacting Collaboration Space

When it comes to next-gen collaboration spaces, flexibility is key. Technology Evangelist Joseph Cornwall offers some expert advice on this topic. To paraphrase Greek philosopher Heraclitus: Change is certain. That’s absolutely true of the AV industry, where new innovations are being developed at breathtaking speed to meet the demands of a shifting horizon. If the […]

Tips for Better Relationships

From Integrator to Technology Manager: Tips for Better Relationships

Mike Pedersen offers advice on forging relationships between technology managers and integrator partners in the higher-education vertical. I am an “in-house integrator” in the higher-education sphere. This means my small team and I focus on all aspects of delivering a full, turnkey audiovisual system: needs analysis and estimating, procurement, staging, installation, control system programming and […]

What to Consider When Providing Technical Support for a Conference

What to Consider When Providing Technical Support for a Conference : For integrators branching into live events, here are 5 key technology areas to address. Providing technical support for a conference is an important responsibility that ensures maximum audience immersion and fault-free technical functionality. However, each event is different and the choice of venue, as […]

Can Artificial Intelligence be Sentient?

Can Artificial Intelligence be Sentient? : A Google engineer claims a new AI system has attained consciousness. As technologists debate that assertion, the question isn’t if it’s real, but when it will be. Blake Lemoine, an engineer in Google’s Responsible AI team, claimed recently that after interacting hundreds of times with a revolutionary, not yet released AI […]

Five Considerations For Choosing Conferencing Systems

Before investing time and money in conferencing and collaboration software for your company, consider these five points to make that decision easier. Your small business may already have video conferencing software. Maintaining work relationships and staying productive is, after all, essential for remote workers. With the rapid pace of change happening worldwide, organizations are seeking […]