David Phelps, VP of product management at Samsung Electronics America, joined editor Daniel Brown via video link this week to discuss the digital signage project at Allegiant Stadium in the leadup to Super Bowl Sunday.

“It’s one of the largest projects we’ve ever done,” Phelps said. “The Big Game, if you will, was in Los Angeles two years ago at a stadium that we did all the digital signage for as well, so this is two of the three last years where the stadium that’s hosting the game has featured Samsung technology. Specifically to displays, we have over 2500 in this particular venue. It was a custom build — inside and outside the stadium, there is digital signage everywhere — and then, a few other areas, [like] the performance center, so it’s both for the players and the team as well as the fans that are entering not only for this game but for all the Raiders home games.”

Image: Samsung.

The project demanded customization and attention to detail at all levels. “When you’re talking custom, it’s not like you go to a reseller and order what you need, this is all very unique product. It’s not just a screen, it’s how it’s hung, it’s trim, it’s electrical, so you’re talking about procuring metal.”

In terms of the supply chain, being transparent about the timeline is essential for the customer, but Samsung also benefited by having a carefully developed supply chain, in which it has total control of the process for most consumer and enterprise products. However, there are very long lead times for some of the custom products used in Allegiant Stadium, Phelps explained, in a project estimated to have taken 2-3 years from concept to completion.

Image: Samsung.

Due to the caliber of the Super Bowl game, Samsung also will have service technicians onsite for support, a level of white glove service above what is normally required by the average stadium.

Phelps shared additional details on the installation and integration aspects of the project, including related industry trends and predictions. The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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