TSW 70 Series

Designed for anywhere people share information, connect with technology, or command a space

Crestron 70 TSW Series 1

Design that delivers responsive, dynamic, and intuitive control

Proximity Sensor detects motion and awakens screen upon approach

Faster processing for a smoother, more responsive experience and frictionless scrolling

Sharper screen resolution that communicates with perfect clarity

As dynamic as any smart device. Matching experience with expectations.

Design that showcases your identity and preferred experience

Development flexibility that extends from the simplest to more sophisticated standards based development options. Unlock the potential.


  • Select your application or user project to use in your desired mode connect to the broader system and your screen is ready to go
  • All touch screens natively support applications right out of the box
Crestron 70 TSW Series 2
Crestron 70 TSW Series 2


  • Deploy a consistent user experience with .AV Framework™ – configure a system with your web browser and automatically generate an UI
  • Showcase brand identity. Customize icons, background, logos and screen savers
  • Use CSS or HTML5 skill set to further customize configured UI to meet your needs
  • Advanced option with full tailored HTML5 design utilizing latest web development tools and methods for a more smart phone like UI


  • Build a completely custom UI using HTML5 or VT Pro-e®
  • HTML5 support allows you to build UIs using the latest web and app development tools
  • HTML5 responsive design allows for one interface to be utilized on any size touch screen
  • HTML5 also allows for projects built on web standards with easy, reusable components and a large community of developers, with enhanced performance versus VT Pro-e
Crestron 70 TSW Series 2

Design that connects form to function – flawlessly

Wi-Fi® capabilities and PoE+ installation for maximum flexibility and convenience

Crestron 70 TSW Series 3

Proximity Sensor detects motion and awakens screen upon approach


Bluetooth® beacon enables touchless room control from mobile devices via the Crestron ONE™ app


Every touch screen offers a full range of security standards including 802.1X, TLS, FIPS-140-2, SSH, and SFTP